5 ways to quickly dry nail polish

How to quickly dry the nail polish without a lamp-this question worries every woman when she is in a hurry for an important event, and freshly painted nails literally slow down every movement. There are a large number of ways that will help to correct the situation.

Apply the varnish in thin layers

Unlike one thick layer of the product, each thin layer requires 3-4 times less time for complete drying. This creates a perfectly flat surface. Instead of 1-2 thick layers, apply 3 thin ones. Let each one dry for 2 minutes. The process will take some time for the coloring itself, but the drying will take much less.


Use special tools

The use of a finishing coating reduces the total manicure time by 2-3 times. These tools help to dry the usual varnish faster, give additional shine. They nourish the cuticle, take care of the nail bed. Apply one drop of a special product, wait for 1-3 minutes, then rinse your hands with cool water.

The use of a transparent coating will give additional shine, prevent chipping and allow you to dry the manicure faster.


Dry your nails with ice water

How else to quickly dry nail polish. Fill the container with cold water in advance, add ice cubes to it and put it next to the place where you will do a manicure.

Before dipping your fingertips in water, allow the product to harden for 1-2 minutes immediately after coloring. Otherwise, the manicure will be ruined. A clear sign that the coating is completely dry is the air balls on the surface of the nail plate. They are formed when you take your hands out of the container.

Immersion of freshly painted nails in ice water protects against further appearance of traces or chips. At a low temperature, the enamel hardens perfectly, it is firmly fixed.


Use a hair dryer

In beauty salons, special fans are turned on to speed up the drying process. At home, a regular hair dryer is suitable for this purpose. Hot air makes the coating not so elastic, provokes burns, so use a cold mode.

Make sure that the device is set to "cold mode". After applying the cosmetic product, spray the nails with an even flow of air for 2-3 minutes. Hold the hair dryer at a distance of 30-40 cm, if you bring it closer, bubbles or ripples will appear on the surface.


Dry the varnish with oil

Among a large number of different means, the use of vegetable (olive, coconut, baby) oil is distinguished as a way to quickly dry the varnish. Apply a couple of drops of the product to each nail over the coating. After 1-2 minutes, balls will form – wipe them with a paper napkin. This product has a nourishing effect on the cuticle, has a positive effect on the overall condition of the nails.